This week (16. week)
Weekly menu price: 990 HUF / 1290 HUF
Packing: 100 HUF/food

Napi leves: Húsleves cérnametélttel
"A" Főétel (990 Ft):
Burgonyafőzelék sült virslivel
"B" Főétel (1.290 Ft):
Pulyka Cordon Bleu vegyes körettel
Napi leves: Tejfölös karfiol leves
"A" Főétel (990 Ft):
Mézes-mustáros sertésragu házi héjas burgonyával
"B" Főétel (1.290 Ft):
Csemege uborkával és tojással töltött csirkemell párolt rizzsel
Napi leves: Palócleves
"A" Főétel (990 Ft):
Töltött dagadó hagymás tört burgonyával
"B" Főétel (1.290 Ft):
Rakott sertés tarja

Napi leves: Medvehagyma krémleves
"A" Főétel (990 Ft):
Sonkás-parajos penne
"B" Főétel (1.290 Ft):
Csirkemell brokkolival csőben sütve petrezselymes burgonyával

Restaurant menu

The fine gastronomy of the Jégverem Inn was recognised with a Grand Prix award. We are confident that you will also find delicious, filling meals on our menu. The prices for small portions are listed in the menu next to the full portion price.



From Monday to Friday the "Jégverem Waiter" is going to your house between 11.00-22.00!

You can pay in: Cash, SZÉP card, Dining voucher, Kékfrank, Bank Card


About the Inn

The Jégverem Inn is housed in a 250-year old, wood-beam building, with 2- and 4-bed rooms with all modern amenities, including TV and in-suite bathroom. The Inn is an ideal starting point for exploring the city of Sopron, as it is located right next to the historical city centre, in the old “Poncichter” quarter.


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